Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

one of the best

Van Heusen Pinpoint Solid Sleeve

Van Heusen Pinpoint Solid Sleeve

This shirt fits exactly per sizing, no adjustments necessary. Keep the dry cleaner's tab in the collar until ready to wear or it will sag a little while sitting on the hanger. When kept "tabbed" until wear time, it looks sharp for the entire evening. The shirt comes with the button / link combo. So if you want to go for loop cuffs, you are ready to go. If you wish French cuffs then you will want to remove the cuff buttons. I like having the front button combo so if I choose to wear a vest ( I have several different accessories) I can wear studs above and just button it below the vest line. If I go with a cummerbund then I can wear studs all the way down. It is very good quality that comes back from the cleaners looking like new, even after a full night of dining and dancing. The feature I like the best is that the winged collar takes my two basic tuxedos up a notch on the dressy scale when that is my desired effect.

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  1. Marcia Shaffer14 Oktober 2013 08.32

    great fabric and tailoring it has been washed uncountable times and back as new. it is one of the best we got