Jumat, 14 Januari 2011

Arrow white sateen dress shirt

LARGE Baby Doll Polka Dresses

LARGE Baby Doll Polka Dresses

I absolutely love this palette! Most of the shadows are super pigmented, and the ones that aren't are probably meant to be highlighting colors, so they don't have to be. They apply smoothly with a brush, and they blend extremely well! I'm an amateur at makeup, and normally not too daring with my eyeshadow choices, but I went crazy with color when I got this palette and created two super dramatic looks that could have been done by a professional! Free shipping was a plus, and it even arrived a day earlier than expected. The only downside is that one shadow came kind of broken, but it was only a couple of pieces that came apart, so pretty good packaging-wise. I may be buying other editions of this palette in the future...but only after I'm done playing with this one, first!

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  1. it's my 16th b-day on sunday and I'm hanging out with my boyfriend Sat. night....I wanna look really cute