Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Love this dress!!

Allegra Ladies Flower Prints Sleeveless

Allegra Ladies Flower Prints Sleeveless

This is a very flattering dress! I'm 5'6", 130 lbs, 34(small)C, 27, 39, and a little short-waisted, and the "one size" is a good fit. It is cut and patterned so that it nicely hides my wobbly bottom and thighs. Mother Nature compensated by giving me a fairly flat stomach, but I think it would skim gracefully over a larger belly equally well for someone who's more of an apple than a pear. It falls to a couple inches above my ankles. The bodice is tight enough that it will not slip down - very important because it's difficult to find a bra to go under this! - and yet not so tight that it's uncomfortable, and somehow it doesn't produce that odd little bulge of fat between the breast and armpit that some elasticated strapless dresses can create. I ordered it in black and red and I love the colors. You can also fold the bodice down and then back up on itself to wear it as a skirt with a patterned waistband and it looks good. Next payday I might order it in another color :)

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