Senin, 14 Februari 2011

I Finally Found What I've Been Looking For....

Smocked Black White Paisley Design

Smocked Black White Paisley Design

(Note - the watch I actually bought was the white dial version that has a plain black band - but is otherwise identical. Also note that Amazon has this specific watch shown with both the simple band in one image and a more detailed band in the main listing. You may want to check and see which one you'd actually be getting.) I had been looking for a simple, black-tie dress watch for months but was stymied by the over-abundance of huge, flashy wrist 'clocks' that seems to be the new hip-hop fashion. Really - some of these have become as vulgar as an oversized pair of clown's shoes. On an average man's wrist, in my honest opinion, most any watch over about 3.5mm in diameter starts to look overwhelming - add a few buttons and a scattering of useless subdials and it's way beyond what a classic dress watch should be. Enter the Hamilton Lloyd - a retro-look dress watch that really stands out from the "wannabes". Clean and classic lines without even the complication of a date window - this is what I'd been looking for - elegant in it's simplicity. It doesn't overwhelm the wrist and it slips neatly under a dress shirt sleeve without hanging up. Be aware that this is sometimes labelled as a "mid-sized" or "unisex" watch..... there's is a larger "Men's" version available at some vendors - but this, too, is probably a bit too big for an average man's wrist.

I wanted to throw in a word for Ashford - from whom I bought the watch. The price was outstanding and the shipping was free and expeditious. But - the best was yet to come..... opening the shipping box and you'll swear it came from Rodeo Drive or the "Miracle Mile"..... Plenty of nice bubble wrap and the watch box was carefully swaddled in Ashford-logo tissue. They include a small tote bag and a cleaning cloth. I felt pampered - certainly not the typical Amazon experience.

So - if you want a simple, but classy, dress watch..... look no further than the Hamilton Lloyd.... and get it from Ashford if you can. Excellent!

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